Praised by both locals and tourists alike, The Rec Room offers cannabis enthusiasts the highest quality marijuana-related products around! With top-shelf flower, edibles, tinctures, and concentrates, our cannabis store is conveniently located in the heart of Durango. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are personally interested in your well-being and thrive to provide the best customer service to anyone who enters.

Specializing in clean, high THC strains for growers right here in Colorado, our marijuana dispensary strives to continually search for the finest organically grown marijuana around. We work hand in hand with growers to obtain the finest products possible.   

What sets us apart from the average recreational dispensary?

Aside from our stellar selection of cannabis strains and our dedicated bud tenders, we offer weekly classes to inform the public about all aspects of marijuana. Whether you are looking to learn more about the plant's history or how to identify strains by look and smell, our classes will transform you into a cannabis connoisseur. Call for more information! 

Where are we located?

Our weed store is located in the heart of downtown Durango on the north side of College Drive (across from Starbucks) and next-door to the Balcony Bar & Grill. Our weed dispensary is also only one block away from the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad station, and within close walking distance from most of Durango's down-town hot-spots. 

By the way, if you get the munchies after your visit to The Rec Room recreational dispensary, you'll find that we are surrounded by great food! The Ore House, The Balcony Bar & Grill, Ken & Sue's, DSP, Fifth Street Eatery, Nini's Taqueria, Sizzling Siam, East by Southwest, and Lady Falconberg's are all good, hearty dinner restaurants within a short distance of our cannabis store; and there's Starbucks, Top That Frozen Yogurt, Cold Stone Creamery, and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for dessert -- all just on this block!~ 

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How to Find Us

The Rec Room is located at 145 E. College Dr, across the street from Starbucks, between the Ore House and the Balcony Bar​ & Grill.


Until recently (in just the last few years) top-shelf marijuana was strictly sold to medical dispensaries as a medicine to the public, and unless you had a 'med card' there was no hope getting in. Fortunately, now it's available to the public in recreational stores for adults 21 and over!

The common terms you may hear around town for such a store include Weed Dispensary, Weed Store, Recreational Dispensary, Marijuana Dispensary, Cannabis Store and Marijuana Store.

A Weed Dispensary and a Weed Store refer the common slang word weed, derived from the initial illegal growing of marijuana: outdoors, where there was little to no control over light fluctuations, temperature/weather changes, insects/pests, or overall quality of the plant. (Hence the 'dirt weed' some of us may have smoked back in the old days, when it literally looked like dirt.) Today's growing procedures are done more as a science (thank goodness!) and require special lighting, temperature controls, specific watering schedules and organic pest control to ensure the highest potency and health benefits possible within the plant.

However, a Marijuana Dispensary and a Recreational Marijuana Store are actually two completely different things, because a dispensary is defined as a room where medicines are prepared or a clinic is provided by public or charitable funds, and medical advice is given with little-to-no charge (medical). On the other hand, a Recreational Cannabis Store would be more accurate, since by definition a 'store' is targeted to the public (recreationally) and is more simply the retail distribution of merchandise and goods. Additionally, Cannabis is the widely-accepted botanical genus name for the plant, fathering both the durable hemp known to make paper and clothes and the indigestible marijuana we are more familiar with. (A little-known fact about Cannabis is that the Declaration of Independence was actually written on hemp paper!)

The name marijuana replaced the name cannabis in the 1930's. Farmers growing hemp - which grows rapidly and has a high yield - threatened forest owners and cotton growers - who's trees grow slower and with one specific quality for profit. These paper and cotton owners lobbied Congress to outlaw all hemp products, mostly to ensure their personal businesses. In part of the effort to make marijuana illegal was the opportunity to frighten and intimidate the public. Alas, the name marijuana was introduced to invoke the widespread discrimination and fear of Mexicans (unfortunately). This provided the opportunity to label it with a name that would make the general population suspicious of the plant. In defense, the American Medical Society protested that marijuana was widely used in medicines and much more resourceful than given credit for. However, to no avail, as the growers won and Cannabis was officially documented an illegal substance...

... Until the early 2000's when it was reintroduced medically, and has since then proven itself much healthier and beneficial to the human body than we were all lead to believe. And now we're lucky in Colorado, Alaska and Washington, where it can be bought recreationally from your local Recreational Marijuana Store, a.k.a. THE REC ROOM!

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  • Marijuana Durango

    Marijuana Dispensary in Durango Colorado and New Mexico

    Cannabis is the center of the business of the Durango Rec Room. This is a simple flowering plant with a dizzying array of uses that have been known for thousands of years and though indigenous to central Asia and the Indian subcontinent, the versatility of the plant has seen it spread to nearly every corner of the planet, including the Americas, Africa and Europe, where fibers, oils, medicine and recreational drugs are all extracted from this humble green plant. It grows readily nearly anywhere and our dispensary has a direct line on legal cannabis from nearly every corner of the world where it can be grown openly and legally.

    Marijuana is another name of cannabis, but rather than the entirety of the wide range of cannabis plants and products, marijuana refers as much to the plant at as the drug preparations from the plant. The exact usage is somewhat variable, as some uses of the word include any product made from marijuana while others focus on drug products made from it and still others use the term to refer solely to the parts of the plant that are rich in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. Though in many ways it is an unscientific term, it does see quite a bit of usage in the legal and pharmautical fields just the same.

    Weed Durango

    Weed is a slang term for cannabis, conceived of decades ago around the time in the late 1960s and 1970s when marijuana became a popular recreational drug in the United States. Initially used to throw law enforcement ears off the trail of illicit marijuana users, eventually the police departments of the nation got wise to the secret code words but the term has since persisted to be a part of the popular lexicon of cannabis. The term specifically refers to the green shoots of cannabis plants when oftentimes look like simple garden weeds. Additionally, the plant is a surprisingly durable grower, as attested to by the fact that it easily grows in all six inhabited continents, rather like a weed.

    Pot Durango

    Like weed, pot is a slang term referring to cannabis. Much like weed, it was intended to deceived the attentive ears of law enforcement and their efforts to crack down on cannabis growth and distribution, but it has since managed to remain a part of the culture of marijuana, as much through the efforts of the plant's opponents as its users. The exact origins of this term are less clear then weed, though the exact origin of the term “marijuana” is likewise cloaked in uncertainty, all claims of some cannabis opponents aside.

    Cannabis Dispensary Durango

    A cannabis dispensary is a new type of business dealing solely in marijuana and marijuana related products, be they medicinal products only in some jurisdictions to a full array of products related to recreational cannabis use culture in others. These businesses are new to the global commerce scene and many problems, both logistical and legal, have hindered the full potential of these businesses. Still, as long as marijuana continues to be useful as both a recreational chemical and valuable medical tool, the continued growth and development of this emerging industry is likely inevitable.

    Cannabis Store Durango

    A cannabis store is usually a cannabis dispensary. However, it should be noted here that not every store front dealing in cannabis and cannabis related products is a legitimate, licensed storefront. If one has any doubts about the legal status of their source of marijuana medicine or recreational drugs, it is generally a good idea to find another, more legal outlet for one's needs, even if this does raise the price of their cannabis.

    Marijuana Dispensary Durango

    A marijuana dispensary is a storefront geared specifically towards the sale of marijuana and marijuana related products. While many of the more successful stores will also sell cannabis paraphernalia such as pipes and novelty lighters, they are distinct from the head stores of old in that they can actually sell marijuana products. Though quite heavily regulated due to old prejudices among modern law makers and the sometimes questionable sources of their chemical products, these stores persist because there is a genuine place in the market for their products, whether it's a bare bones assortment of cannabis related medicines or a full fledged super store for weed, its derivatives and products related to its use. The Rec Room is a high end marijuana dispensary in Durango, Colorado and New Mexico selling a wide range of weed products.

    Marijuana Store Durango

    A marijuana store is just another name for a cannabis store, if a somewhat more informal term. The difference is largely nothing but terminology, though there are some situations where the formal, more stilted term for these stores is preferable. If one is dealing with law enforcement officials, referring to these store fronts as “dispensaries” shows a willingness to adhere to the written law that generally gets a better reaction from law enforcement officers than the more flippant term “store”. While this is not strictly necessary, sometimes a bit of politeness can go a long way when dealing with others outside of cannabis culture.

    Weed Dispensary Durango

    A weed dispensary is essentially a marijuana dispensary by a different name. When someone refers to a weed dispensary, they are referring to a marijuana dispensary. The product range is essentially the same, though naturally some stores have a wider range of products for sale, ranging from a bare minimum of cannabis based medicine to a vast array of weed and weed related products. A few of these stores even sell synthetic weed products, depending on local conditions for marijuana dispensaries.

    Weed Store Durango

    For those who care less about formalities in their language, the term weed store generally suffices to describe a marijuana dispensary. Though the phrase “weed store” may refer to a more illicit sales outlet than a legitimate dispensary, in states where such things are legal, the term usually refers to a typical marijuana dispensary. If one has suspicions about the legal credentials of a weed store, it is advisable to seek a more legitimate outlet for one's marijuana needs.

    Pot Dispensary Durango

    A pot dispensary is a third name for a marijuana dispensary. Referring to the popular term “pot” (as mentioned above) a pot dispensary sells pot products, such as recreational marijuana and marijuana based medicines and the larger pot dispensaries also tend to sell an array of marijuana related products like an old fashioned head store. These businesses are generally legitimate and operate above the board as a means of maintaining their licenses to sell their products.

    Pot Store Durango

    As something of a pattern, a pot store is, again, a cannabis dispensary by a fourth name. The same advice mentioned earlier is also quite applicable. A “pot store” is somewhat more likely to be an illicit outlet for marijuana products so buyers are advised to be careful. If you have any suspicions about the legality of a pot store, it is a smart plan to seek another outlet, as much because of the questionable quality of the cannabis products as because of the legalities. “Pot store” is also a term that few law enforcement officials enjoy hearing, even if these businesses are legal in your jurisdiction, and the term “cannabis dispensary” generally reflect a calmer, more socially acceptable attitude towards one's recreational or medicinal marijuana use.

    Edibles Durango

    Marijuana is for more than smoking. It is also a rather interesting additive to a wide range of foods, ranging from stews to baked goods. Some forms of cannabis, such as hashish, are actually directly edible, though many marijuana users do swear by the quality of smoking.

    Marijuana Edibles Durango

    A more direct and clear term for edibles, marijuana edibles refers to any edible product made with the additives of cannabis. While these are most popularly baked goods, edible products of cannabis also included nutritional drinks

    Marijuana Edibles Durango

    A more direct and clear term for edibles, marijuana edibles refers to any edible product made with the additives of cannabis. While these are most popularly baked goods, edible products of cannabis also included nutritional drinks (such as bhang from the Indian subcontinent that has been produced since before Vedic times) and a number of exotic liqueurs. In the Netherlands, many of the baked goods made from cannabis are referred to as “space cakes” and are extremely popular with the cannabis culture of the nation. These baked goods are also growing in popularity in other jurisdictions where recreational marijuana use has recently been legalized.

    Weed Edibles Durango

    Of course, making marijuana infused foods is not quite as simple as simply baking weed herbs into food. This results in a foul tasting mess. Cannabinoids, the psychoactive drugs in cannabis, are soluble mostly in lipids such as milk and butter, as well as alcohol. Bhang for instance uses yogurt to dissolve cannabis to provide for its effects of calming the mind and enhancing meditation. In a similar vein, infusing cannabis into milk or butter to produce baked goods is a popular use of weed edibles across the world. Given as cannabinoids are soluble in alcohol as well, marijuana can also be steeped in alcohol as well.

    Cannabis Flower for Baking Durango

    Cannabis flowers can be reduced down to their essential oils like many other flowers. When transformed into an essential oil, cannabis flowers are useful for flavoring candies and drinks. However, the essential oil does not contain a great deal of THC (never more than 0.08 percent), and while it can transform even a mundane candy or drink into something new and exotic, it will not lead to a very intense intoxication, which can actually sometimes be a good thing.

    Weed Vaporizer Durango

    Though “vaping” tobacco is a hot modern trend now that it has been applied to the far more legal, if just as questionable by way of personal health, the use of vaporizers for the consumption of marijuana is actually far older. Popularized by the Cherokee marijuana medicine man Frank William Wood (more widely known as Eagle Bill Amato), the vaporizer was actually initially intended for the consumption of cannabis.

    Weed Vape Durango

    Naturally, modern tobacco vaporizers are still quite useful for the consumption of marijuana. The technology is basically the same, but modern vaping, for all the disdain it gets from some corners, even among marijuana culture, is still a valid way to consume marijuana. The older devices are quite different from modern e-cigarettes and vape pens, given as they were invented in the 1980s, but more recent creations use similar technologies to e-cigarettes.

    Dry Herb Vaporizers Durango

    A number of vaporizers intended for the consumption of marijuana are actually intended to vaporize dry plant products such as herbs (another name for marijuana in a number of circles, most famously by Rastafarians). These dry herb vaporizers are intended specifically to have dry marijuana placed in them and then ignited for their use. Newer models of these devices appear to be slim e-cigarettes, while older or retro models lean towards larger builds.

    Vape Pen for Weed Durango

    Naturally, with the evolution of old fashioned vaporizers into vape pens, a number of new models of these devices have emerged on the open market intended specifically for marijuana. These pens are as slim as the typical e-cigarette and operate on similar technology. However, vape pens for marijuana are intended to be used to consume marijuana, which remains quite chemically distinct from tobacco to the point where the vape pens of each substance are difficult if not impossible to use interchangeably.

    Medical Marijuana Durango

    Though it has a wide range of spiritual and recreational uses, the fact is that cannabis has a wide range of medical properties. Though these properties remain somewhat unclear due to limited ability of scientists to actually test the substances because of legal problems, some potential medical uses of marijuana are emerging. Of particular note are its ability to improve the experience of undergoing chemotherapy by reducing nausea and improving appetite and its ability to treat chronic pain and muscle spasms. Some psychiatric uses have also been noted, and some medical marijuana users using cannabis to treat mental illnesses feel that the treatment is as effective as other drugs, with far fewer side effects. Still, one should not simply smoke marijuana to treat their mental and emotional problems without also seeking proper medical treatment.

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