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Are you looking for the best cannabis at awesome prices? Look no further than the Durango Rec Room. Not only can you find great prices on all weed-related items, but we have great deals and specials each day of the week!

We have a different strain on special each day of the week so you can always be sure to find a new marijuana strain to try!

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Sativa Strains

If you’re looking for an uplifting, energetic, or giggly high, then Sativa is the one for you. The THC in Sativa strains [usually] produces a Cerebral high (in the head) which sparks creativity, alertness, focus, and energy.

STRAINTHC%Gram PriceEighth Price
Blue Dream24.23%$15$45
Mom's Cookies24.90%$17$50
Black Jack22.66%$17$50
Triple Diesel 20.36%$17$50

Indica Strains

If you have body pain, trouble sleeping, low appetite, or anxiety, Indica strains are the perfect medicine for you. These strains induce a body high that is great for relaxation and tension relief, going to and staying asleep, increasing appetite (MUNCHIES!), and calming down the part of the brain that makes us feel anxious.
STRAINTHC%Gram PriceEighth Price
Northern Lights22.99%$15$45
Death Star28.31%$20$60
Mob Boss26.61%$17$50
Ray Charles19.65%$15$45
Better Than Bubba20.69%$17$50

Please Note:

All strains are considered a sativa- or indica-dominant HYBRID, indicating that hardly ever is one strain 100% sativa or indica. If this makes you confused or you have more questions, come in today and speak with one of our expert budtenders! We’re glad to help you find exactly what you need!
We have everything you need here in the Rec Room! We have $5 – $10 pocket pipes and lighters for sale to make for a convenient one-stop-shop!

Recreational Marijuana

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