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Live resin is flash-frozen as fresh plant matter for the maximum amount of terpines possible and the best, fullest, and freshest cannabis flavor.

Venom Concentrates: $60 / g



Pre 98 Bubba Kush 


In wax products, the cannabis molecules crystalize due to agitation during extraction, causing the opaque appearance and thicker oil. Waxes are often found to contain potencies up to 95% THC, labeling it one of the highest concentrated forms of extracted THC on the market today (next to live resin).

Venom Concentrates: 

Upgrade - $40 / g

California Bruce - $40 / g

Otto (high CBD) - $50 / g


Shatter is notorious for its transparent, "glassy" appearance and its clean, pure taste.  Shatter is a high-potency, high-quality concentrate. 

Venom Concentrates: $50 / g

Glass Slipper

Valley Ghash

Cotton Candy

Ebbu "Fancy": $50 / g

Camel Walk

Dawg Waltz

Ceres: $50 / g

Sweet Wreck

Golden Goat

Ghost Train Haze


Similar to Rosin, sap is gooey in texture and can resemble the sap of a tree. Another CO2 extracted concentrate, this is a clean, tasty way to get your dab on. 

Ebbu "Fancy": $40 / g

Mob Boss

707 Headband

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Concentrates: Cannabis vape pens

Recreational Marijuana Concentrates

WAX is crumbly

​Concentrates are cannabis extracts, or oils, that contain the most of the plant’s chemical compounds (THC and CBD are most popular). Extracting is achieved through a variety of extraction processes; most of our concentrates and vape cartridges are extracted with CO2, which is much cleaner and better for you. 

SHATTER has transparency, similar to glass

LIVE RESIN is sticky and grainy

Shatter Concentrates

Nick believes concentrates are the wave of the future; it's the strongest and most efficient way of consuming cannabis!

Vape Pens & Cartridges:

For those of us who don't always have time to light up a bowl, maybe don't want to smell like smoke, or need something extra quick and easy on-the-go, vape pens are here to save the day. 

EvoLab:$40 / 250mg

$70 / 500mg

Refined , Chroma

Cartridges & Refills

250mg Disposables

SAP is a little runny, kind of like tree sap



 Concetrates 10% off 

Saturdays 5:30pm - 7:50pm

Marijuana Wax Concentrate
Live Resin Concentrates



BUBBLE HASH looks like hash beads.

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