Recreational Marijuana Concentrates

Concentrates are cannabis extracts, or oils, that contain the most of the plant’s chemical compounds (THC and CBD are most popular). Extracting is achieved through a variety of extraction processes; most of our concentrates and vape cartridges are extracted with CO2, which is much cleaner and better for you.


Live resin is flash-frozen as fresh plant matter for the maximum amount of terpines possible and the best, fullest, and freshest cannabis flavor.

CompanyStrainTHC%$ Gram
TR ScientificBlack Cherry Maduro (indica)79.1%$60
TR ScientificGolden Goat (sativa)91.4%$60
TR ScientificPootie Tang (sativa)84.7%$60
TR ScientificWhite Cherry (indica hybrid)81.6%$60


In wax products, the cannabis molecules crystallize due to agitation during extraction, causing the opaque appearance and thicker oil. Waxes are often found to contain potencies up to 95% THC, labeling it one of the highest concentrated forms of extracted THC on the market today (next to live resin).

CompanyStrainTHC%$ Gram
Bolder ExtractsZoot Chute (sativa)71.9%$40
Bolder ExtractsEwok Rampage (indica)75.28%$40
TR ScientificSterle Kush (indica)81.1%$40
TR ScientificWhite Chem Tang (sativa)79.9%$40
TR ScientificChem Ghost I-95 (indica hybrid)80.9%$40


Shatter is notorious for its transparent, “glassy” appearance and its clean, pure taste.  Shatter is a high-potency, high-quality concentrate.

CompanyStrainTHC%$ Gram
Bolder ExtractsPurple Creek (indica)78.05%$50
Bolder ExtractsRoyal Kush (indica)72.64%$50
Bolder ExtractsGorilla Cave (indica)75.88%$50
Bolder ExtractsChem Krush (sativa)77.21%$50
TR ScientificHead Cheese (sativa)75.7%$50
TR ScientificTangie (sativa)73.3%$50
TR ScientificSterle Kush (indica)78.1%$50


Similar to Rosin, sap is gooey in texture and can resemble the sap of a tree. Another CO2 extracted concentrate, this is a clean, tasty way to get your dab on.

CompanyStrainTHC%$ Gram
Currently None Available*********

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For those of us who don’t always have time to light up a bowl, maybe don’t want to smell like smoke, or need something extra quick and easy on-the-go, vape pens are here to save the day.

CompanyTypeTHC mg$ Price
EvoLabChroma Hybrid Blend Disposable Pen250mg$40
EvoLabChroma Hybrid Blend Cartridge500mg$60
Pat PenSativa Cartridge300mg$40
Pat PenIndica Cartridge300mg$40
Pat PenHybrid Cartridge300mg$40
PuraSativa Cartridge400mg$60
PuraIndica Cartridge400mg$60
PuraSativa Cartridge800mg$90
PuraIndica Cartridge800mg$90
V3OilSativa Blend Cartridge500mg$35
V3OilIndica Blend Cartridge500mg$35
V3OilHybrid Blend Cartridge500mg$35
Waui StickPure CBD Disposable Pen300mg$40