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Worried About Getting Too High??

We offer: Mary's Medicinals RESCUE TONIC 

There's no such thing as a weed hangover, but sometimes its possible to eat just a few too many edibles.. And it can be a little uncomfortable. Well, we have a solution for you! This Rescue Tonic by Mary's Medicinals is THC-free and packed with all the vitamins and nutrients essential to getting your body back to normal after a night out or having accidentally munched your entire 100mg pack of chocolate. Acts like a 5 Hour Energy, and only $5! 

Also try it for pain!

Single serving marijuana infused candies

Safety First

How to consume Edibles:

​  There is a distinct difference in the effects of smoking marijuana and eating it. A smoke high comes on instantly and can last up to 3-4 hours, depending on the potency and how much you smoke. Edibles, on the other hand, can take up to an hour to kick in, and can potentially last 8 hours (also depending on how much you take). We highly recommend only consuming 10mg at a time (that is the designated serving size.)

  Additionally, we sell edibles up to 100mg - that's 10 servings! You are not supposed to eat the whole 100mg, but if you do, you WILL NOT DIE! If anything, you could feel some sickness from eating an entire candy bar in one sitting, and you'll probably be high as a kite, but you will not get sick and die. This heavy of a high can be uncomfortable to some people, so again, it's suggested you only consume 10mg at a time. 

If you have more questions or concerns, feel free to call us at (970) 764-4087.


We carry a full line of top-shelf edibles including chocolate bars, gummies, taffies, wafers, cookies, sodas, juices, tinctures, suckers, jelly beans, chill pills, mint spray, and more!

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​Ranging from cookies and candies to sodas and suckers, our top-shelf edibles are the tastiest marijuana products in the business, and with high performance. We have single-dose (10mg) products as well as full-fledge party-pack (100mg) products. All edibles are marijuana infused instead of coated so as to ensure consistent potency throughout each product. Come in today to see our ever-growing selection! 

Flavored cannabis tincture drops

Single Servings available in cookies, brownies, taffies, suckers, drinks and more!

THC free Rescue Tonic

Recreational Marijuana Infused Products


Tinctures are a great way to dose on the go; no messing with smoking or waiting for an edible to kick in. With each drop averaging one to two milligrams each, you have more control of the potency than in any other product. It goes well in water or juices, or just a drop under the tongue will do the job.  

THC free Rescue Tonic